The Gift of Grief

The Gift Of GriefEndings are an inevitable part of life

Grief, more than any other emotion will have it’s way with you, and create havoc if suppressed…

Feelings are crazy, weird, wonderful and, oftentimes, challenging things…

But I often thank God that I can feel them and know that I’m alive.

Grief and endings of all kinds tend to heighten everything that’s been kept inside. Those emotions can come crashing to the surface.

On the upside, that makes it a time that brings the opportunity to uncover the tangle of yourself and your hidden shadow.


Suppression comes in many forms: activity, outburst, numbing, anger and more… but in a willingness to truly experience the pure energy of the grief that comes with change, an incredibly swift purge of pain is possible.

The irony is that those who don’t understand may think you cold and unfeeling if you achieve this, for the cultural dogma says that grief must last for so much longer (“If you cared” they say).

I encourage you to do your work anyway and stand as an example of what’s possible.

The reality is though, that even those who have the tools may not have the resources to use them in times of the greatest grief and pain. Forgive yourself, or others if that is the case… we all have our own rocky paths in this adventure called life.

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Kazy-Vincent Janes, a client from the UK said:

“A brilliant session and just perfect – thank you for amazing ability to hone and tune and hold and guide so superbly and uniquely for me”


Tools & Practice

I feel incredibly blessed to have at my disposal (and to have practiced for many years) incredible tools that make this possible, including NPA.

The practice is important as preparation for the more difficult times. It allows the ‘channels of active use’ to be more available to you when the chips are down and the urge to avoid and suppress is at its strongest.

Last month brought a hugely significant ending for me and has been a great teacher on this. It has shown me both where I have needed to step up my practice, and also where my practice has stepped up for me.

In the coming year I renew my commitment to deepening my practice and to helping others step up and deepen in theirs, whichever tools, rituals or techniques they use but especially NPA.

Grief and ALL those crazy, weird, wonderful emotions can bring the deepest gifts into your life.

Practicing the tools will prepare you to make the most of it when life presents those ‘opportunities’

Namaste my Lovely friends

If you’d like to find out more about NPA, you can visit and start practicing now.

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