Your Inner Spectre Revealed In 007 Questions

Your Inner Spectre Revealed in 007 QuestionsAre you ready for the big release?

Yes you can read that with two meanings…

Firstly, I’m very excited about the release of the new Bond film “SPECTRE” this week

Secondly, whenever you take the time to go deeper with NPA, you can expect to experience a big release – and that’s always exciting!

So I thought I’d shamelessly combine these two exciting prospects and design some great questions for you to ask yourself, to reveal your own inner SPECTRE, and release it (ie let it go) with some some plot-twisting cookie cutters and The NPA Process.

Releasing your personal Spectre could have a profoundly freeing effect in your life and I’ll get to the questions in bit…

But first let’s look at the clues in the story and why it’s such a powerful jump point for some self-inquiry…

Plot Lines

“Fresh implications and plot twists erupt as a story unfolds”
David Brin

We are all subject to our personal stories, whether we are conscious of it or not. And in many ways, we are all a bit like a multiplex cinema with many stories happening simultaneously.

Stories tend to follow archetypal patterns and becoming conscious of them allows us to align with the inner ‘script writer’ and influence how the story (our lives) run.

Now, I haven’t yet seen the new Bond film, but from what I’ve read and seen it follows an archetype that is well worth taking a look at in your own life.

So, here’s what I know about the plot of Spectre:

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. And… spoiler alert (but probably not)… I’m guessing that Bond triumphs in the end…

So this is a story of uncovering the shadows of the past that still influence our lives… it’s an awakening story!

The Spectre Factor

So does the word ‘spectre’ even mean?

Well, being a modern guy, I Googled it, and here’s what Collins English Dictionary says:

Meaning of Spectre


If you look a little deeper, you find something interesting about the origin of the word:

Spectre word origin

And here’s a part of the entry that tells us a little more about the nature of it’s meaning:

Spectre translations


So, we have past and future and all the ingredients of something scary – awesome!

Back to Bond…

In the Bond films, the spectre of SPECTRE has been visited several times (if you’ll pardon the irresistible pun). SPECTRE in Bond-world is the name of a sinister organisation and it’s actually an acronym for:

“Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence,
Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion”


The Spectre In You

It’s a natural part of the human condition that we have aspects that seek to expand AND aspects that seek to control and minimise change. It’s the yin and yang, the in-breath and out-breath, the dark and light of life…

Sometimes these minimising parts are called inner saboteurs or ‘the shadow’… we’re calling one ‘your inner SPECTRE’, but there are many names… and – don’t freak out… they’re organised.

Of course those expansive aspects are also highly organised, and choosing to engage self-inquiry mode leverages their awesome power 🙂

Only The Brave

OK, back to you…

By now, you may have gathered that these 007 questions will be inviting you to delve into your more shadowy inner territory. But relax, because as well as an inner SPECTRE, you also have an inner Bond.

And more good news… Bond always has his genius back-room-buddy Q, who hands out awesome gizmos that make things easier. In this case – The NPA Process!

If you’re not yet fully of-fey with The NPA Process, look for the extra resources I offer on this page.

I know you’re up for it, so let’s get to the questions, tie the strands together, uncover and release the SPECTRE in your life…

How To Approach These Questions…

It’s a very normal response when approaching self-inquiry questions to ‘clench’.

This is because there’s a natural ‘bracing of self’ that happens when we approach the unknown or set about discovering things that may have been held in the shadows.

I know how you feel, I’ve felt that internal clench on many an occasion.

What I’ve found (though at first it may seem counter-intuitive, especially given the subject matter), is the best way to counter this, is by approaching the exercise lightly… Answer the questions in an almost nonchalant manner, as if unattached to what comes back when you ask them.

I often say that true self-inquiry is not about seeking the answers, but rather letting the answers find you. So, ask the questions, and write down whatever comes – even if it doesn’t at first seem to make sense…

007 Questions

IMPORTANT: The questions are designed to elicit a ‘splurge’ response rather than a singular or distinct answer. So let the answers be an ‘out-flowing’ and write whatever comes. When the answer to a questions seems to naturally complete itself, move to the next. I’ll tell you what to do with the ‘splurge’ later.

And, as I said before, if you’re not yet fully of-fey with The NPA Process and finding ‘cookie cutters’, while it’s not essential, you should probably get this:


The link below is a ‘back door’ to a special 75% off offer on my essential guide to finding NPA cookie cutters

Click here to access the essential guide for just $7

And at the very least you’ll need the words for The NPA Process, which you will find as part of the “Don’t Take Them Personally” exercise, which is available via the widget in the sidebar.

ALSO IMPORTANT: These questions presuppose the idea that you, metaphorically, have an inner ‘spectre’, and if you’re not cool with that presupposition – don’t do the exercise!

Green light? Great…

So grab yourself pen and paper, or open a notepad/doc on your device of choice and answer these, in order…

  1. If you were to know, where in your life is your inner SPECTRE having the biggest influence right now?

  2. Letting your mind drift back and gently caress the timeline of your life… and contemplating the notion that there are clues to your inner spectre’s nature and origin, what memories, moments or patterns pop out to you?

  3. What’s the scary stuff that stops you from doing what you know you ought to do for your own good?

  4. What lies do you tell yourself, or have you told yourself in the past?

  5. If you’re ruthlessly honest, where in your life do you entertain thoughts of payback and revenge?

  6. What do you fear that people might find out about you and how does that influence your decisions?

  7. What are the external pressures in your life, and what do they suppress?

Well done!

Seriously, if you’ve answered all of these as honestly as you can, that’s an amazing thing, and you’re probably wondering what to do with all that revelation…

Start by taking a deep breath, and then let’s do some NPA…

Cookie Cutters

OK, now you’re going to use your answers to find, what we call in NPA, your cookie cutters. These are the connected keywords that, when you NPA them, loosen or free the grip of your inner spectre energy.

I’m going to break this down in two different ways. For those who know NPA and have some skills, and an ‘easy’ version for those that don’t.

Instructions For NPA Veterans

  • Treat each answer as a spew and find the most animated cookie cutter.
  • List your 7 cookie cutters.
  • Read the list out loud and then do an energy read to find your 8th ‘inner spectre’ cookie cutter.
  • NPA each of the 8 cookie cutters in order
  • Optional: do a flip for the whole sequence.

Instructions For NPA Newbies And Beginners

I highly recommend you ‘treat each answer as a spew’ as per the veteran instructions. You can learn how to do this with my NPA Key Word Cheat Sheet for parking change, but if you don’t yet know how to do that and you can’t wait, then here’s what you can do…

Read or scan through your answers, then, looking at them, immediately complete the following sentence:

This is the energy of ________
(Use the the first thing that pops into your consciousness to complete the sentence)

Whatever you complete the sentence with can be used as your ’inner spectre cookie cutter’.

Use it to fill the blank in The NPA Process, and remember to say the all six lines out loud.

Be present to what you experience, whatever release, awareness – even if it’s a nothingness…

Show Some Love

I’d love to to hear what you experience doing this, so please let me know in the comments. And remember to grab my NPA Key Word Cheat Sheet, it will help you avoid the common mistakes I see people make all the time when it comes to finding their cookie cutter keywords and will help you make the most of these questions.

Also, if this helped you in any way, please pay it forward with a share!


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