Do You Really Want Another “Holy” War?

Ego vs SoulThe ego is not the the devil and enlightenment is not God. Our culture however is steeped in this mythology.

Modern spiritual dogma that demonises the ego and canonises the Soul (or enlightened states) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It perpetuates the same old dualistic story of good vs evil, them and us, my perspective is better than yours etc.

This completely misses the point of spiritual investigation AND the opportunity of true freedom. Freedom is the realisation that all experience IS the illusion and therefore equal.

A Natural Invitation

From this perspective the natural invitation arises to:

  1. Notice what is given to the bigger expression through you… and
  2. Honour it completely.

The labels; ego, soul, awakening, enlightenment etc, quickly fall away… The ‘holy’ war in your heart ends and the human BEING emerges.

Joel Young
Originator of NPA

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  1. Thank you Joel for the message. Internal struggles seem to plague most humans especially as they choose between the ” right thing” or their gut instinct in many decisions they make. Depending on the conditioning of their lives and such. As a NDE Thriver and current human decider πŸ™‚ I am aware that the attention I give to ego or spirit has in itself a different agenda. My comfort in what I know up to this point is that all is neutral and the greates gift the Divine has granted us all is Freedom. Love of course next in line. Wow! What a gift that gives us choice. Freedom to BE human housing a spiritual being. Sweet. Namaste’

  2. Thanks for the comment Nila. Letting go of THIS is better than THAT presciptively, and noticing the Truth of the moment is fundamental to the non-personal perspective and indeed capitalises the potential experience of natural freedom that’s always available πŸ˜€

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