Togetherness in Wholeness (New Paradigm Relating)


Have you noticed how the hand-me-down models of relating suck?

In this second of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness I speak to the wonder of wholeness and a new model of relating… which emerges naturally from engaging with the non-personal field…

Going beyond just our personal selves and into the new evolutionary paradigm, we are seeing that our habitual ways of relating to each other fail over and again. Time for something new…


As you engage more and more with Non-Personal Awareness, it’s teachings and the NPA Process a new freedom emerges, which takes you beyond the paradoxes of spiritual dogma – ancient and modern.

Apart from the very personal stuff (the magic of life falling into place, letting go of painful energies and opening to gracefully aligned and wholesome ones) you ‘train in’ an alive perspective that is very unattached to ‘who is showing up’. You become very present to WHAT IS, with your feet firmly on the ground, in the world.


What that gives you is freedom. Freedom to stop trying to become more than you are, but to actually BE who you are fully. And I’m not talking just in terms of the ‘OM vastness’ of who you are – because yes you are that – but you are also THIS, this very human Being, right here.

“In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended”

In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended. It doesn’t deny the vaster context of ‘who you are’ but is also willing to be right here in the local, very personal perspective – celebrating the magnificence and ordinariness of all of it. I call it Wholeness.

In Wholeness, you are truly open to allowing the mechanism of the Bigger Being (God / the Universe / Humanity even etc) to happen through you…



And THEN – Then (as is already happening across the planet) that’s when we start to get into genuine togetherness.

We exclaim “OMG – there’s other people and other perspectives and other ideas!”

And we ask “What would happen if we put aside the habitual attachment to our very small and local perspectives and looked at the bigger picture?” Not just “What would feel good to me locally?” – rather “What would benefit the whole of us?”

And here’s our growth edge – at this point we discover how our ‘solid and separate’ culture is deeply enmeshed into our values, strategies and ideas of relating.

“Inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!”

As we discover that the entire fabric of reality is energetic and connected, and begin to understand that it is wholly relational in nature, inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!

Structured into the offerings and message of NPA is a new model of relating. It transcends the dualistic paradoxes and invites a new relational way – a way that genuinely enables Togetherness in Wholeness.

“NPA gives ‘who you are’ in the moment space to breathe, and live and express itself. Over time, Self-consciousness dwindles and radical self acceptance emerges. This is where true self-discovery begins!”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

In the last of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness, I address the question of personal responsibility in a non-personal world.

[WARNING] Be prepared for some heresy and a personal growth Dogma Detox, as this articles introduces the co-personal model of creation. It challenges you to meet your humble authentic expression (exactly where you are) and engage that power beyond the self… read it if you dare! 😉


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