Tough Love on Brexit Rage

Tough Love on Brexit Rage

OK, so the UK voted to leave the EU… what now my awakened friend?

I see a lot of anger, sadness, outrage and, frankly, pain and suffering on social media today… based on what?

Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Everything’s going to sh%t!
Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? We should hang our heads in shame!
Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? We should attack those that voted to leave!

The reality is, we just don’t know ‘what now’ in practical, legal and economic terms. There’s good evidence for various scenarios, but even the genuine ‘experts’ (you know, the people that actually know what they’re talking about) state very clearly that the only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know how a decision to leave the EU will play out…

Projections and assumptions is all we have to go on…

So I wanted to invite you to look a little deeper…

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever been surprised by your own decisions? Done something you thought you’d never do? Something that, at the time, you thought was bad?

I know I have, and on each occasion, though it may have precipitated surprise, change, massive disruption and often pain… at some level there was healing and growth underneath it.

My Soul, as I see it, had decided it was time to bring light to some aspect of my shadow… to set it free… enlighten it… In accordance with my prayers and intentions…

What you may not have thought about, or realised is:

The UK has a Soul.

All countries do, as part of their collective consciousness and identity. Nations (and anything with a defined boundary) are Beings in their own right. And if you are a UK citizen, then you are part of it. Like organs and cells are individually themselves, but also part of you.

So let me speak to something bigger than your personal, localised self… your personalised local Soul even…

And let me ask you this:

Are you willing to stay with your ‘self’ in the face of the healing that’s being asked for from your Soul? Or will you shy away, splinter off in anger and self recrimination? For as you rage and persecute those that voted to leave for ‘their ignorance’ you split the very thing you say you love, and prolong the pain.

The personal responses to the national decision very much reflect our responses to ourselves when we believe we have f*%ked things up.

I believe you are interested in a conscious, healing response to the reality of the situation…

So, let’s break it down:

I’ve stated these reactions in a pretty bold way, and you might say “I don’t think that”… just be aware that I’ve used these terms to highlight the essence of the reaction in a very obvious way, however they can show up in more subtle and ‘civilised/rational’ ways. And in anywise, it’s an invitation to ask yourself if these are happening within you…

REACTION 1: Everything’s going to sh%t!

Our minds are natural “Disaster Movie Making Machines”. You know this! So I invite you to examine your assumptions with some genuine self inquiry if you’re generating suffering in yourself by believing your minds scary story.

You can ask Byron Katie’s amazing questions, starting with “Is it true?”

REACTION 2: We should hang our heads in shame!

At the heart of this is an identity issue. You’ve taken the decision personally and attached a meaning to our national identity (including you) based on the decision we’ve made that is causing you pain. Shame and self condemnation my friend is pain.

Freeing up painful attachment to your sense of identity isn’t about denying your actions or their consequences. It’s about dropping the paralysing, disabling disempowerment, bringing clarity and freedom of movement to respond wholesomely in presence.

The NPA Process works directly with identity issues and is great for helping you step out of blocks which come from identity shifts. It empowers you to stop beating yourself up and start taking clear positive action at times like these. It also frees you up to allow IN the new sense of self that your Soul is calling for.

REACTION 3: We should attack those that voted to leave!

So you feel angry. I get it.
Things didn’t go as you wanted or expected… An idea about the future has been shattered. And you’re scared.

Anger can be a tough emotion to sit with. I get that too.
That’s why we tend to avoid it.
That’s why we project it out. Look for someone to blame.

“Those ignorant idiots! How could they do it?”

This doesn’t address the emotion directly. It doesn’t take the healing opportunity that’s being offered and it puts YOU firmly in the victim roll… which. I’m guessing, ISN’T where your heart lays…

You might expect me to say “Don’t be angry, it’s all as it’s meant to be” yada yada…

But that isn’t real is it? If you’re feeling anger… FEEL it. And I mean really feel it. Sit your ass down and let the pure anger come. It’s a wave, and like all emotions it comes to pass. The avenue of passage is direct and full experience… projecting it out is just playing tennis with it.

Letting it truly come to pass, again, will free you from unconscious pain inducing responses AND most likely bring you the gift of awareness about where this national decision hooks you at a personal level. All good!

You can certainly use NPA to help you fully experience this, and there are lots of modalities which encourage you to do this, including Transformational Breathing, Vipassana style meditation and more.

A great method for directly sitting in emotions, which I have practiced and taught all over the world, is The Journey… So I have included a link to that in a list of resources below.

Tough Love

I’ve called this tough love, because I believe we’re in a time where we are being called to USE the knowledge we have as awakened, conscious folk. I’ve seen a lot of these reactions from a lot of conscious people this morning… Including myself!

I felt, literally, moved to write this and I hope it serves you to bring greater peace, grounded-ness, consciousness and freedom when the energy in the air is a little bit crazy.

Please do share this if it resonates.

Much Love


The Work of Byron Katie:
The NPA Process:
The Journey:


Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly Matters

Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly MattersIf you want to be and feel wealthy, start getting really honest with yourself about what truly matters.


Matter. It’s a word that speaks to the formation of the Universe. Quantum forces pulling energy waves into states of tension that give rise to apparent solidity. Energy in tension. I’m sure the phonic simile isn’t lost on you…

This is how your personal reality comes into being and what truly matters becomes more apparent in your field of experience. If you want to know what truly matters, look around your life and notice what there’s already an abundance of…

This is not about positive and negative – discovering what truly matters requires a neutrality of mind, an ability to simply notice.

This sober inquiry will help you land where you are and clear the hallucinogenic fog of positive or negative biased thinking. It has the potential to drop you into truly aligned clarity with an awareness of the intrinsic abundance of your existence.


The point of this sober alignment, is it gets you CONNECTED to what MATTERS – positive or negative as it may seem right now. It’s the difference between having your fingers on the stuff of life and the ability to move it, as distinct from just running your fingers through empty space. Basically, when you’re connected to what matters, you begin to have a much greater impact when intentions arise.

So, does your story of wealth match the reality of your wealth?

If your story of wealth is that it’s all about large amounts of money, and you have very little, then the fact is that money doesn’t truly matter to you. Once you notice what there IS a wealth of, and therefore what matters to you, you’ll automatically begin to feel the power and flow of your innately creative and abundant self – even if it’s subtle, and even if what matters seems a bit rubbish at first.


NPA offers a very simple way to notice those points of connection and in NPA we call them ‘Cookie Cutters’. I often say that I have developed highly sensitive Cookie Cutter ears. In other words I’ve got extremely good at noticing where people are connected to what matters to them. So each process begins with being connected to what truly matters. It’s one of the reasons an NPA session with me and The NPA Process can be so impactful, even if there’s just a few processes in the time we have together.

If you want to manifest the stuff you say you want – if you want to ‘materialise‘ it – then at some point you’ll need to connect to (and start moving in) the stream of matter as it relates to you now.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and please like & share with your friends ♥



Am I Supposed To Be Ridding Myself Of The Ego?

Am I Supposed To Be Ridding Myself of The EgoThought I’d get 2014 rolling with a bit of hard-core spiritual heresy, and happened across some video footage from a panel talk I did with two excellent non-personal friends in Toronto last year.

So, here’s an extract from: “An Evening of Dynamic Conversation on The New Wave of Non-Personal Development”

It’s moderated by Dave Clark (President of the publishing agency – Solutions Inc.), and I was joined by Arnold Timmerman (Author of Leadingship – Exploring the essence of leadership dynamics) and Philip Shepherd (Author of New World, New Self – Coming to our senses in the 21st century).

Arnold & I had talked many times about doing an event like this, and it happened that our schedules coincided in Canada last May. It was a great bonus to be joined by Philip and have an opportunity to offer multiple takes on the non-personal perspective, spirituality and personal development.

Show Me The Heresy…

The particular aspect of heresy we express in this clip, is on the topic of The Ego. We take a look at where the non-personal perspective on it differs from much of the popular personal growth and spiritual dogma that’s fashionable these days.

In this extract the conversation addresses topics like…

  • What is the nature of our authentic selves and who we think we are?
  • What is the impact of self inquiry on who we think are?
  • Does the Ego disappear when you become present?
  • How does the Ego relate to the human condition and Divinity?
  • Can you actually get rid of the ego?
  • What is the mechanism that creates the ego?
  • What is the mechanism that creates states of enlightenment?
  • What is the true nature of Unconditional Love?
  • How does conscious experiencing effect your life’s purpose?

It’s amazing what you can cover in a little over 6 minutes.

Enjoy The Video…

You Can Quote Us…

“When you start self-inquiry, you’ll find that who we are is much more fluid than we think it might be”
Arnold Timmerman

“I don’t even think about ‘is my ego involved or isn’t it’ – I want to be fully present and whole”
Philip Shepherd

“The minute you start making anything in your experience bad or wrong you instantly step out of the availability of your wholeness”
Joel Young

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Spiritual Seeking? The Fundamental Flaw…

No False Identities

It’s an odd notion that any identity would be false while another is real, and yet this is often the backbone of modern spiritual teachings and personal growth approaches.

It’s a seductive idea that appeals to the mind’s comparative and dualistic sense of reality.

As with everything, there is a context where the concept of false selves serves a purpose or seems useful, but as far as genuine spiritual investigation is concerned, it’s a misguided and confusing idea.

A Term

The “real” self is a term which refers to some named or implied state or perspective. Perhaps it’s called ‘higher’, ‘freer’, even ‘the Soul’ or some derivative. In any case all are identities on some level and so subject the the life cycle of experience i.e. it comes, it is experienced, it passes.

All experience is the illusion, and so in terms of real and false, they are equally false. So there are no false identities, only passing ones.

The problem is the use of the term Self and Real together. For in what is real, there is no self.

Genuine Spiritual Investigation

Seeking some notional ‘real’ self necessarily causes you to make some other ‘self’  invalid or wrong. The irony is that this is the  fundamental seed of all suffering. The judgement perpetuates the karmic cycle and is ultimately a distraction from genuine spiritual investigation. So, I invite you to drop the judgement and simply notice what is.

Imagine the currently experienced self as a cloud and experience it as it is. Sometimes you’ll notice clear skies, sometimes the cloud(s) will be high and barely have much impact on you. Sometimes the clouds are so low that it can seem like you’re in a never ending fog.

None-the-less, as you become present to each experience, you’ll begin to notice that, whatever the weather, it passes. And the still quiet presence that is the noticer really has nothing to do with its progress.

When this distinction is truly clear; then genuine spiritual investigation can begin.

Joel Young

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How To Parent Yourself & Get Liberation From Your Personal History

Parent YourselfIn my many years of self-healing and working with countless clients, I noticed that most painful behaviours were born from ‘child consciousness’ or young identities within us that are looking for something… Love, protection, acknowledgement, understanding etc etc…

The child energy seeks parental energy… And yet we tend to “personalise” parental energy, and therefore limit it’s origin to our parents and carers.

An Unmet Need

So if the flow of parental energy through these fine people is shaped in a way that didn’t connect with our various child energies, an unmet need is generated which becomes a deep and unfulfilled longing.

Our proclivity to personalise the source of our fulfillment generally puts us on a path that seeks for it directly from them. Or, as we move through life, from surrogates like spouses or even our own children. Sometimes there’s a blessing, and through another the need is met, is able to be fully received and the spirit moves forward.

But for the most part the seeking patterns we adopt, the unresourcefulness of those we beseech or the sadly inadequate communication skills of either party leaves the longing unmet. Our frustration and sense of failure adds insult to injury. Confused and with no alternative we soldier on, deeper into unfulfilling territory.

The Good News

The good news is: If you parent yourself in all the ways you wish you had been parented, then Love will run amok in your heart, where need once did.

Through the notion of self-parenting I was liberated from my personal history and then discovered some GREAT news! Parental energy is non-personal and can joyfully flow through you to your child energies in exquisitely precise ways.

One way is with an NPA tool that is taught at The NPA Expansive Weekend and I use a lot in my sessions called the ‘Parental Integration Frame’. In an elegant and easy way it allows me to elicit your hidden perspective on what needs to happen (in the parental energies) in order to create the ideal parental conditions. Then you can discover and access what’s been truly longed for but never fulfilled. Using NPA we then work to balance and shift the parental energies to meet those conditions, allowing the longing to be experienced and fully received.

Although this process is simple and quick (It takes less than half an hour) it can be highly emotional and has a huge impact on people’s lives. The process doesn’t ask you to get into the historical story of what should or shouldn’t have happened, it cuts straight to core of what truly matters to you, as the child of somebody; then, now and always.

The Foundation Of Our Wellbeing

Our parental energies, in many ways, are the foundation of our wellbeing. It took me a lot of journaling, crying, story telling, blaming, journey processing and relationship breaking before it dawned on me that I could parent myself. Coming up with a simple way to share that has just been the icing on the cake.

The Parental Integration Frame doesn’t require you to figure out what conditions are required to allow your longing to land in you. It uses a simple technique to bypass the analytical mind which, I have found, makes for a vastly accelerated healing.

Nonetheless I began self-parenting even before I created the Integration Frame and so I want to leave you with an inquiry – something to sit with and help you down the road of self-parenting.

Contemplate this inquiry…

“What is the essence of what my inner child longs for?”

Then you might like to ask yourself:

“How might I give that to myself?” and
“When would be a good time?”

I’d love to hear your answers in the comments below and, of course, any questions.

I also invite you to share (see the special bonus for that below) x

Joel Young, Father & Mother of Himself and Originator of NPA.



The Human Is Not Outside Of Nature

The Human Is Not Outside Of NatureIn the name of connection (and with the noble intent of promoting more sustainable behaviours) it is often claimed that the human race is outside of nature or acting counter to the laws of nature.

The uncomfortable truth is that Humans are absolutely PART of nature. Nature, like us, expresses many apparent contradictions…

Creation: both wondrous and banal
Destruction: both incomprehensibly devastating and of obvious mechanical necessity
Life: both abundant and finite
Nurture and neglect. The fertile and the baron. Endless consumers and Eco-savvy contributors… The list goes on.

We Are Part Of Natures System

The fact is, we are PART of nature’s system. Part of nature’s grander intelligence. At the behest of ‘her’ eonic plans.

What we claim ourself to be doesn’t change the truth at a larger level, it simply colours local subjective experience.

Unfortunately, claiming ourself to be divorced from, separate to or outside of nature gives rise to delusional experiences, self judgement and unnecessary suffering. And these are  not states in which wholesome decisions are made or in which higher objectives are easily reached.

Better that we remember that The Human is not outside of Nature, join with a wider truth and experience reconnection. For every man-volcano that flattens large swathes of forest and arbitrarily kills animals en masse, there are trillions of lichen spores ready to begin the process of renewal and the enrichment of that land.

Just To Be Crystal Clear…

Just to be crystal clear, I’m not suggesting for a moment that we become passive in the face of our impulses to change our behaviour and environmental conduct – rather I am encouraging those *with* that impulse to become even more wholesome and aligned as they go passionately about acting on it.

In the end, Nature will have its way, and we, right now are part of that.


Don’t Mistake An Option For A Necessity

Option NecessityOften-times in the world of healing and personal growth you may be told, or have it implied, that a particular set of conditions must be met, a certain route must be taken or a specific approach or method is the only “real” way to heal or shift your life.

A classic example is the idea that we must resolve painful experiences from the past in order to be free for a better future. While that may be a truly powerful ‘vehicle’ for the shift that suits the reality constructs of millions, there are also millions who have made, and will make, equivalent shifts with no need to recourse to their personal history.

“A” Way, Not “THE” Way

While I offer the non-personal perspective with passion and a heartfelt beleif in its potential value to those that connect with it, I am always keen to say that NPA is “A” way, not “THE” way.

It is my view that a key gift of this Human life experience is variety – many possible routes to every outcome. There are always options and in a world still full of dictatorial expressions it boils down to this:

“Don’t mistake an option for a necessity.”

Joel Young

SHARING IS OPTIONAL (& very much appreciated) ;0)



Personal Responsibility in a Non-Personal World

Personal ResponsibilityAs the whole solid and separate model dissolves, we see it’s impact happening all around us.

The status quo of North Africa and the Middle East is dissolving as unsustainable despotic behaviours take the system critical, people rise and political tyrannies fall. The status quo of Western Culture is challenged as unsustainable economic behaviours take the system critical, people occupy, and financial institutions fall.

Spirituality, like science, throughout the ages has been a reflection of humanity’s understanding and culture – whether we like to admit it or not.


In the Personal Growth arena we have had a period of being very inner/self focused and have revelled in the idea that we create the entire universe from within ourselves. That’s a large responsibility for mortal shoulders!

Of course, there is a degree of truth to it and certainly there’s been a great need and purpose to come into ourselves, asking ‘Who am I really?’ To connect inwardly, and mature in Spirit as individuals.

We walked from the notion of ‘the power outside’, to ‘the power inside’ – two opposite personalised perspectives. Personal experience has been the primary conduit of human experience – now it’s time to go co-personal.

“It’s time to step into a collaborative mindset and engage WE thinking, not ME thinking”

It’s time to INCLUDE the power of our selves and yet go BEYOND our selves, beyond our local-ness . It’s time to go beyond the idea that ‘If I only think positive thoughts myself, then the whole world will change’. It’s time to step into a collaborative mindset and engage WE thinking, not ME thinking. It’s time for powerful animated PERSONAL PARTICIPATION in alignment with a bigger picture.


Now, you can approach this from a very personally responsible mind-set and decide, yes, ‘let’s DO that’, but the beautiful thing I notice with people who do a lot of NPA is that it just sort of happens – it becomes the automatic modus operandi all by itself.

This is because NPA aligns you with and beyond the self automatically. It invokes awarenesses and powers with and beyond the self that just start to work through you – and it becomes the most natural thing to behave in much more competition free, altruistic ways.

Personal responsibility and personal power alone are unsustainable models. The natural effortlessness of transformations, changes and growth through non-personal awareness has shown to make them sustainable.

“NPA invokes awarenesses and powers with and beyond the self that just start to work through you – and it becomes the most natural thing to behave in much more competition free, altruistic ways”


Learn How You Can Make Rapid Sustainable Shifts…

NPA Basic Training - Start Here“This video programme will walk you step by step through the core training of The NPA Process and give you what you need to get started making a difference in your life right away with NPA.”


So NPA is an expression of the evolutionary changes afoot. It starts out as a way to look at your personal stuff – but what it REALLY does is open you into the non-personal perspective…


The ‘Face in the Clouds’ has NOT been added in later – it was noticed only after we reviewed the photo’s from the days shoot.

Into the relational space – the space between us as individuals, which is becoming more solid, more distinct, more tangible. And we start really learning how to operate with this connection between us – not just as some amorphous Unity idea – but as a distinct operational matrix (beyond just the self)…

As I have said – this is what’s happening in the energy of the planet anyway, and if you love to participate CONSCIOUSLY in this amazing shift, you need to go beyond the AWAKENING, go beyond just personal power, go beyond the chase for a holy grail ‘sustained God-Self experience’ and meet your humble authentic expression where you are. You’ll find it’s all right here, right now in the wholesomeness of simply BE-ing. Are you ready?

“The unconditionally loving witness is realised to be awake and aware. It rests as the foundation of well-being and at the heart of your life experience”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA


Togetherness in Wholeness (New Paradigm Relating)


Have you noticed how the hand-me-down models of relating suck?

In this second of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness I speak to the wonder of wholeness and a new model of relating… which emerges naturally from engaging with the non-personal field…

Going beyond just our personal selves and into the new evolutionary paradigm, we are seeing that our habitual ways of relating to each other fail over and again. Time for something new…


As you engage more and more with Non-Personal Awareness, it’s teachings and the NPA Process a new freedom emerges, which takes you beyond the paradoxes of spiritual dogma – ancient and modern.

Apart from the very personal stuff (the magic of life falling into place, letting go of painful energies and opening to gracefully aligned and wholesome ones) you ‘train in’ an alive perspective that is very unattached to ‘who is showing up’. You become very present to WHAT IS, with your feet firmly on the ground, in the world.


What that gives you is freedom. Freedom to stop trying to become more than you are, but to actually BE who you are fully. And I’m not talking just in terms of the ‘OM vastness’ of who you are – because yes you are that – but you are also THIS, this very human Being, right here.

“In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended”

In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended. It doesn’t deny the vaster context of ‘who you are’ but is also willing to be right here in the local, very personal perspective – celebrating the magnificence and ordinariness of all of it. I call it Wholeness.

In Wholeness, you are truly open to allowing the mechanism of the Bigger Being (God / the Universe / Humanity even etc) to happen through you…



And THEN – Then (as is already happening across the planet) that’s when we start to get into genuine togetherness.

We exclaim “OMG – there’s other people and other perspectives and other ideas!”

And we ask “What would happen if we put aside the habitual attachment to our very small and local perspectives and looked at the bigger picture?” Not just “What would feel good to me locally?” – rather “What would benefit the whole of us?”

And here’s our growth edge – at this point we discover how our ‘solid and separate’ culture is deeply enmeshed into our values, strategies and ideas of relating.

“Inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!”

As we discover that the entire fabric of reality is energetic and connected, and begin to understand that it is wholly relational in nature, inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!

Structured into the offerings and message of NPA is a new model of relating. It transcends the dualistic paradoxes and invites a new relational way – a way that genuinely enables Togetherness in Wholeness.

“NPA gives ‘who you are’ in the moment space to breathe, and live and express itself. Over time, Self-consciousness dwindles and radical self acceptance emerges. This is where true self-discovery begins!”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

In the last of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness, I address the question of personal responsibility in a non-personal world.

[WARNING] Be prepared for some heresy and a personal growth Dogma Detox, as this articles introduces the co-personal model of creation. It challenges you to meet your humble authentic expression (exactly where you are) and engage that power beyond the self… read it if you dare! 😉


Non-Personal Awareness: An Evolutionary Imperative

Our view of the Universe has changed.

THAT is effecting EVERYTHING!

This 1st of 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness speaks to the underlying principle which is at the heart of the tremendous shifts we are seeing and experiencing on the planet right now.

It also highlights how these changes include the personal development, consciousness and healing realms, and makes a call for those of us within it, to go beyond just our personal-centric selves…

In recent years we have seen many changes taking place in the world, things that seemed impossible before seem to be happening left, right and centre. There are evolutionary forces at play and every aspect of our lives are being touched by them.

Though these forces are way beyond the realm of human consciousness, we nevertheless interact with them through shifts of human understanding.

“Somewhere deep in the body of collective human consciousness there has been an unmistakable, irreversible and life changing realisation”


The primary shift in understanding that is rocking the very core of our human psyche is that we are not in fact, solid and separate (The Newtonian view of the Universe).

Somewhere deep in the body of collective human consciousness there has been an unmistakable, irreversible and life changing realisation. We have become aware that we are in fact, energetic and connected (The Quantum Physics view of the Universe).

This realisation has consequences.

“If you want to get with what’s happening on the planet, then you’ll need to get beyond JUST personal power”


The whole fabric of our society has been built upon the erroneous, old paradigm premise of solid separateness. And, now we find our fundamental societal ideas are being challenged, dismantled and remade.

In the fine tradition of the human condition, it seems easy to see the changes afoot in others, and yet we are often caught on the hop when changes come knocking on our own door.

In the field of personal growth/self-help/awakening and spirituality there are many modern fashionable beliefs that were born of and are enmeshed in old paradigm thinking.

Inevitably though, the evolutionary forces are at work here too, and this is where NPA comes in.


Separate and solid, inevitably sets the focus on individuality. If you want to get with what’s happening on the planet, then you’ll need to get beyond JUST personal power.

Energetic and connected brings our attention to the ‘relational space between’ – that non-personal arena.

Non-Personal Awareness inevitably takes you beyond the self, and into that space. We consider it an expression of the evolution that’s happening. It’s a brave new frontier and there’s lots to discover.

“The NPA process works beyond the subjective experience of the ‘personality matrix’ (mind, beliefs & emotion) and goes straight to ‘The Field’. It’s very quick, and is busting many modern ideas of what is required to shift consciousness”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

The second of these 3 foundational articles speaks to the wonder of wholeness and a new model of relating which emerges naturally from engaging with the non-personal field… read it here…