NPA In The Heart of The Cree Nation [Video]

Staying Centred In A Hostile Environment & Healing Divided Families

This inspirational interview with Colby Tootoosis, a community leader in Poundmaker, Cree Nation is filled with heartwarming wisdom and reminds you of the difference each of us can make.

Colby shares how The NPA Process really helped him through his term of office, where his commitment to integrity ruffled the feathers of the establishment.

He also describes how he helped a family, divided by gang affiliations, to find peace, freedom and realisation with NPA.

And also how it has mended and strengthened his own personal relationships.

NPA: Healing Divisions In The Heart Of The Cree Nation


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Tough Love on Brexit Rage

Tough Love on Brexit Rage

OK, so the UK voted to leave the EU… what now my awakened friend?

I see a lot of anger, sadness, outrage and, frankly, pain and suffering on social media today… based on what?

Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Everything’s going to sh%t!
Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? We should hang our heads in shame!
Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? We should attack those that voted to leave!

The reality is, we just don’t know ‘what now’ in practical, legal and economic terms. There’s good evidence for various scenarios, but even the genuine ‘experts’ (you know, the people that actually know what they’re talking about) state very clearly that the only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know how a decision to leave the EU will play out…

Projections and assumptions is all we have to go on…

So I wanted to invite you to look a little deeper…

Let me ask you this:

Have you ever been surprised by your own decisions? Done something you thought you’d never do? Something that, at the time, you thought was bad?

I know I have, and on each occasion, though it may have precipitated surprise, change, massive disruption and often pain… at some level there was healing and growth underneath it.

My Soul, as I see it, had decided it was time to bring light to some aspect of my shadow… to set it free… enlighten it… In accordance with my prayers and intentions…

What you may not have thought about, or realised is:

The UK has a Soul.

All countries do, as part of their collective consciousness and identity. Nations (and anything with a defined boundary) are Beings in their own right. And if you are a UK citizen, then you are part of it. Like organs and cells are individually themselves, but also part of you.

So let me speak to something bigger than your personal, localised self… your personalised local Soul even…

And let me ask you this:

Are you willing to stay with your ‘self’ in the face of the healing that’s being asked for from your Soul? Or will you shy away, splinter off in anger and self recrimination? For as you rage and persecute those that voted to leave for ‘their ignorance’ you split the very thing you say you love, and prolong the pain.

The personal responses to the national decision very much reflect our responses to ourselves when we believe we have f*%ked things up.

I believe you are interested in a conscious, healing response to the reality of the situation…

So, let’s break it down:

I’ve stated these reactions in a pretty bold way, and you might say “I don’t think that”… just be aware that I’ve used these terms to highlight the essence of the reaction in a very obvious way, however they can show up in more subtle and ‘civilised/rational’ ways. And in anywise, it’s an invitation to ask yourself if these are happening within you…

REACTION 1: Everything’s going to sh%t!

Our minds are natural “Disaster Movie Making Machines”. You know this! So I invite you to examine your assumptions with some genuine self inquiry if you’re generating suffering in yourself by believing your minds scary story.

You can ask Byron Katie’s amazing questions, starting with “Is it true?”

REACTION 2: We should hang our heads in shame!

At the heart of this is an identity issue. You’ve taken the decision personally and attached a meaning to our national identity (including you) based on the decision we’ve made that is causing you pain. Shame and self condemnation my friend is pain.

Freeing up painful attachment to your sense of identity isn’t about denying your actions or their consequences. It’s about dropping the paralysing, disabling disempowerment, bringing clarity and freedom of movement to respond wholesomely in presence.

The NPA Process works directly with identity issues and is great for helping you step out of blocks which come from identity shifts. It empowers you to stop beating yourself up and start taking clear positive action at times like these. It also frees you up to allow IN the new sense of self that your Soul is calling for.

REACTION 3: We should attack those that voted to leave!

So you feel angry. I get it.
Things didn’t go as you wanted or expected… An idea about the future has been shattered. And you’re scared.

Anger can be a tough emotion to sit with. I get that too.
That’s why we tend to avoid it.
That’s why we project it out. Look for someone to blame.

“Those ignorant idiots! How could they do it?”

This doesn’t address the emotion directly. It doesn’t take the healing opportunity that’s being offered and it puts YOU firmly in the victim roll… which. I’m guessing, ISN’T where your heart lays…

You might expect me to say “Don’t be angry, it’s all as it’s meant to be” yada yada…

But that isn’t real is it? If you’re feeling anger… FEEL it. And I mean really feel it. Sit your ass down and let the pure anger come. It’s a wave, and like all emotions it comes to pass. The avenue of passage is direct and full experience… projecting it out is just playing tennis with it.

Letting it truly come to pass, again, will free you from unconscious pain inducing responses AND most likely bring you the gift of awareness about where this national decision hooks you at a personal level. All good!

You can certainly use NPA to help you fully experience this, and there are lots of modalities which encourage you to do this, including Transformational Breathing, Vipassana style meditation and more.

A great method for directly sitting in emotions, which I have practiced and taught all over the world, is The Journey… So I have included a link to that in a list of resources below.

Tough Love

I’ve called this tough love, because I believe we’re in a time where we are being called to USE the knowledge we have as awakened, conscious folk. I’ve seen a lot of these reactions from a lot of conscious people this morning… Including myself!

I felt, literally, moved to write this and I hope it serves you to bring greater peace, grounded-ness, consciousness and freedom when the energy in the air is a little bit crazy.

Please do share this if it resonates.

Much Love


The Work of Byron Katie:
The NPA Process:
The Journey:


Are You An Intensively Farmed Spiritual Chicken?

Are You An Intensively Farmed Spiritual Chicken?OK. So that might seem like an odd question to ask you, but here’s the thing:

Forcing your personal growth or Spiritual evolution is like pumping chickens full of growth hormones…

If you don’t believe in pumping chickens full of growth hormones or farming vegetables through artificial growth processes, and yet find yourself cracking the whip on yourself in the name of healing, personal growth or spiritual progress then I invite you to take a gentle look at the energetic environment you’re hanging out in.

Disregard For Natural Order

It’s the same consciousness that engages that behaviour in both situations. It comes from the belief that pushing hard and forcing things beyond their natural pace pays dividends. And perhaps also the fear that NOT pushing means no growth at all.

In both cases it can seem to achieve what you want in the short term and yet, the unkindness and disregard for natural order inevitably makes it unsustainable. At some point a backlash needs to happen. To put that another way… Nature asserts itself eventually.

Plus, chances are, the road of Force is a hard and fun-less journey for all involved!

Let Yourself Be

Let yourself be, and you’ll begin to connect to the natural rhythm of life, which offers smooth steady evolution AND exciting effortless growth spurts, all in joyful harmony.

I’d love to get your comments and have you share this blog. And if you do share, then you’ll unlock some extra content: “Cluck or Yuk -  Six Choice Checks for Spiritual Chicks” (Including man-chicks. I’m going with aliteration over gender vernacular and demographic accuracy)

Have a Natural Day – Joel x


Joel Young

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This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young)

This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young)I wanted to give you access to this really heartening and connected call on death and life that was one of our regular ‘General’ NPA Community calls.

As you may or may not know, members of The NPA Community have access to two free calls a month – a general call for questions and connection, and a themed call where folks pair up and share NPA Processes on a theme. It all happens on our teleseminar system which makes it possible to do the pair work privately and still be part of the group.

It’s pretty obvious what happens on the Themed Call, but people often wonder what happens on the General Call..? I always say it’s an open invitation to connect, ask questions and just see what happens in the energy.

So I thought I would share one with you and this one is a great example of how the group can flow and serve each other on our General calls. I always start with welcomes and introductions and get a sense of where everyone is at, then the energy takes the lead and we follow…

This Call…

This call took place on 11/11/2013 and on it, regular attendee, Bernadette Reed shares how her mother had recently passed. This lead on to a surprising group NPA process which begins a string of connections, shares and more group NPA.

The call takes you on a journey from the experience of death at a close personal level, to the mass death experienced through the Philippines Typhoon. There are opportunities for you to join in the processes, hear some non-personal perspectives from me and join the moment where we all feel that the ultimate secret to life gets revealed 🙂

Whether you have experienced the passing of a loved one, or just curious about what happens on our calls, I’m sure this heart warming call will bring something of value into your life.

Just Press Play…

Just press play to listen.

This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young) â–¶ custom player

© Joel Young / NPA Central 2013

If you’re interested in finding out how you can become an NPA Community Member, you can check out our qualifying products HERE

I recommend giving yourself the time to sink into the recording and ‘join the energy’. However if you’re willing to share this post then you’ll unlock a contents time map that will allow you to navigate accurately to the sections that interest you most or you’d like to review. It will also reveal a second player that will give you the option to download the file and listen at your leisure :0)





Personal Responsibility in a Non-Personal World

Personal ResponsibilityAs the whole solid and separate model dissolves, we see it’s impact happening all around us.

The status quo of North Africa and the Middle East is dissolving as unsustainable despotic behaviours take the system critical, people rise and political tyrannies fall. The status quo of Western Culture is challenged as unsustainable economic behaviours take the system critical, people occupy, and financial institutions fall.

Spirituality, like science, throughout the ages has been a reflection of humanity’s understanding and culture – whether we like to admit it or not.


In the Personal Growth arena we have had a period of being very inner/self focused and have revelled in the idea that we create the entire universe from within ourselves. That’s a large responsibility for mortal shoulders!

Of course, there is a degree of truth to it and certainly there’s been a great need and purpose to come into ourselves, asking ‘Who am I really?’ To connect inwardly, and mature in Spirit as individuals.

We walked from the notion of ‘the power outside’, to ‘the power inside’ – two opposite personalised perspectives. Personal experience has been the primary conduit of human experience – now it’s time to go co-personal.

“It’s time to step into a collaborative mindset and engage WE thinking, not ME thinking”

It’s time to INCLUDE the power of our selves and yet go BEYOND our selves, beyond our local-ness . It’s time to go beyond the idea that ‘If I only think positive thoughts myself, then the whole world will change’. It’s time to step into a collaborative mindset and engage WE thinking, not ME thinking. It’s time for powerful animated PERSONAL PARTICIPATION in alignment with a bigger picture.


Now, you can approach this from a very personally responsible mind-set and decide, yes, ‘let’s DO that’, but the beautiful thing I notice with people who do a lot of NPA is that it just sort of happens – it becomes the automatic modus operandi all by itself.

This is because NPA aligns you with and beyond the self automatically. It invokes awarenesses and powers with and beyond the self that just start to work through you – and it becomes the most natural thing to behave in much more competition free, altruistic ways.

Personal responsibility and personal power alone are unsustainable models. The natural effortlessness of transformations, changes and growth through non-personal awareness has shown to make them sustainable.

“NPA invokes awarenesses and powers with and beyond the self that just start to work through you – and it becomes the most natural thing to behave in much more competition free, altruistic ways”


Learn How You Can Make Rapid Sustainable Shifts…

NPA Basic Training - Start Here“This video programme will walk you step by step through the core training of The NPA Process and give you what you need to get started making a difference in your life right away with NPA.”


So NPA is an expression of the evolutionary changes afoot. It starts out as a way to look at your personal stuff – but what it REALLY does is open you into the non-personal perspective…


The ‘Face in the Clouds’ has NOT been added in later – it was noticed only after we reviewed the photo’s from the days shoot.

Into the relational space – the space between us as individuals, which is becoming more solid, more distinct, more tangible. And we start really learning how to operate with this connection between us – not just as some amorphous Unity idea – but as a distinct operational matrix (beyond just the self)…

As I have said – this is what’s happening in the energy of the planet anyway, and if you love to participate CONSCIOUSLY in this amazing shift, you need to go beyond the AWAKENING, go beyond just personal power, go beyond the chase for a holy grail ‘sustained God-Self experience’ and meet your humble authentic expression where you are. You’ll find it’s all right here, right now in the wholesomeness of simply BE-ing. Are you ready?

“The unconditionally loving witness is realised to be awake and aware. It rests as the foundation of well-being and at the heart of your life experience”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA


Togetherness in Wholeness (New Paradigm Relating)


Have you noticed how the hand-me-down models of relating suck?

In this second of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness I speak to the wonder of wholeness and a new model of relating… which emerges naturally from engaging with the non-personal field…

Going beyond just our personal selves and into the new evolutionary paradigm, we are seeing that our habitual ways of relating to each other fail over and again. Time for something new…


As you engage more and more with Non-Personal Awareness, it’s teachings and the NPA Process a new freedom emerges, which takes you beyond the paradoxes of spiritual dogma – ancient and modern.

Apart from the very personal stuff (the magic of life falling into place, letting go of painful energies and opening to gracefully aligned and wholesome ones) you ‘train in’ an alive perspective that is very unattached to ‘who is showing up’. You become very present to WHAT IS, with your feet firmly on the ground, in the world.


What that gives you is freedom. Freedom to stop trying to become more than you are, but to actually BE who you are fully. And I’m not talking just in terms of the ‘OM vastness’ of who you are – because yes you are that – but you are also THIS, this very human Being, right here.

“In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended”

In this GENUINE BEING, the ancient war of Enlightenment vs Ego has ended. It doesn’t deny the vaster context of ‘who you are’ but is also willing to be right here in the local, very personal perspective – celebrating the magnificence and ordinariness of all of it. I call it Wholeness.

In Wholeness, you are truly open to allowing the mechanism of the Bigger Being (God / the Universe / Humanity even etc) to happen through you…



And THEN – Then (as is already happening across the planet) that’s when we start to get into genuine togetherness.

We exclaim “OMG – there’s other people and other perspectives and other ideas!”

And we ask “What would happen if we put aside the habitual attachment to our very small and local perspectives and looked at the bigger picture?” Not just “What would feel good to me locally?” – rather “What would benefit the whole of us?”

And here’s our growth edge – at this point we discover how our ‘solid and separate’ culture is deeply enmeshed into our values, strategies and ideas of relating.

“Inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!”

As we discover that the entire fabric of reality is energetic and connected, and begin to understand that it is wholly relational in nature, inevitably, we are realising that our current relating models suck!

Structured into the offerings and message of NPA is a new model of relating. It transcends the dualistic paradoxes and invites a new relational way – a way that genuinely enables Togetherness in Wholeness.

“NPA gives ‘who you are’ in the moment space to breathe, and live and express itself. Over time, Self-consciousness dwindles and radical self acceptance emerges. This is where true self-discovery begins!”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

In the last of my 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness, I address the question of personal responsibility in a non-personal world.

[WARNING] Be prepared for some heresy and a personal growth Dogma Detox, as this articles introduces the co-personal model of creation. It challenges you to meet your humble authentic expression (exactly where you are) and engage that power beyond the self… read it if you dare! 😉


Non-Personal Awareness: An Evolutionary Imperative

Our view of the Universe has changed.

THAT is effecting EVERYTHING!

This 1st of 3 foundational articles on Non-Personal Awareness speaks to the underlying principle which is at the heart of the tremendous shifts we are seeing and experiencing on the planet right now.

It also highlights how these changes include the personal development, consciousness and healing realms, and makes a call for those of us within it, to go beyond just our personal-centric selves…

In recent years we have seen many changes taking place in the world, things that seemed impossible before seem to be happening left, right and centre. There are evolutionary forces at play and every aspect of our lives are being touched by them.

Though these forces are way beyond the realm of human consciousness, we nevertheless interact with them through shifts of human understanding.

“Somewhere deep in the body of collective human consciousness there has been an unmistakable, irreversible and life changing realisation”


The primary shift in understanding that is rocking the very core of our human psyche is that we are not in fact, solid and separate (The Newtonian view of the Universe).

Somewhere deep in the body of collective human consciousness there has been an unmistakable, irreversible and life changing realisation. We have become aware that we are in fact, energetic and connected (The Quantum Physics view of the Universe).

This realisation has consequences.

“If you want to get with what’s happening on the planet, then you’ll need to get beyond JUST personal power”


The whole fabric of our society has been built upon the erroneous, old paradigm premise of solid separateness. And, now we find our fundamental societal ideas are being challenged, dismantled and remade.

In the fine tradition of the human condition, it seems easy to see the changes afoot in others, and yet we are often caught on the hop when changes come knocking on our own door.

In the field of personal growth/self-help/awakening and spirituality there are many modern fashionable beliefs that were born of and are enmeshed in old paradigm thinking.

Inevitably though, the evolutionary forces are at work here too, and this is where NPA comes in.


Separate and solid, inevitably sets the focus on individuality. If you want to get with what’s happening on the planet, then you’ll need to get beyond JUST personal power.

Energetic and connected brings our attention to the ‘relational space between’ – that non-personal arena.

Non-Personal Awareness inevitably takes you beyond the self, and into that space. We consider it an expression of the evolution that’s happening. It’s a brave new frontier and there’s lots to discover.

“The NPA process works beyond the subjective experience of the ‘personality matrix’ (mind, beliefs & emotion) and goes straight to ‘The Field’. It’s very quick, and is busting many modern ideas of what is required to shift consciousness”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA

The second of these 3 foundational articles speaks to the wonder of wholeness and a new model of relating which emerges naturally from engaging with the non-personal field… read it here…