Where Is The Love? (Black Eyed Peas & The World, 2016)

Where Is The Love

Open your heart to this return from The Black Eyed Peas, re-imagining their song “Where is the love”…

AND remember that letting your Soul and heart be true and filled with love in service to yourself and all of humanity…

• DOESN’T mean being passive…
• DOESN’T mean using the spiritual concept of ‘boundless love’ as an avoidance of the raw truth of your humanity in the 21st century and
• DOESN’T mean plastering over your shadow with false positivity and denying your darker emotions

And it absolutely…

• DOES include speaking up and making your voice heard in the things that matter to you (this video is a great example of that… viva the love-revolution!)
• DOES include maintaining healthy boundaries for you… Standing behind your beautiful self with love and strength when they are transgressed and getting help if needs be
• DOES include loving you in all your wonderful-mess and doing whatever you can to acknowledge and face those darker emotions in you… dealing with them as self-responsibly as you can… and again, getting help if needs be



This song can remind us of the surge of connection so many felt when it first came out… AND how, right now, it seems like the love is far away when you look at the world stage…

BUT we have grown… we ARE growing collectively and meeting the shadows of human consciousness at a deeper level… it comes to the surface ‘out there’ and ‘in here’ so each of us can play our part, and remember our wholeness as an even greater expression of love.

Hugs, Jx <3



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