NPA In The Heart of The Cree Nation [Video]

Staying Centred In A Hostile Environment & Healing Divided Families

This inspirational interview with Colby Tootoosis, a community leader in Poundmaker, Cree Nation is filled with heartwarming wisdom and reminds you of the difference each of us can make.

Colby shares how The NPA Process really helped him through his term of office, where his commitment to integrity ruffled the feathers of the establishment.

He also describes how he helped a family, divided by gang affiliations, to find peace, freedom and realisation with NPA.

And also how it has mended and strengthened his own personal relationships.

NPA: Healing Divisions In The Heart Of The Cree Nation


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  1. inspirational interview with Colby. So much in his eyes thanks for sharing it with us. To corrupt something that someone I cared a lot for once said “If I could take his wisdom and put it in a pill the world would be a better and happier place”

  2. Hey Pam, thanks for commenting and good to see you! Isn’t Colby such a beautiful Soul and a gift to the world 🙂 And that would be a great pill! 😉

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