The Human Is Not Outside Of Nature

The Human Is Not Outside Of NatureIn the name of connection (and with the noble intent of promoting more sustainable behaviours) it is often claimed that the human race is outside of nature or acting counter to the laws of nature.

The uncomfortable truth is that Humans are absolutely PART of nature. Nature, like us, expresses many apparent contradictions…

Creation: both wondrous and banal
Destruction: both incomprehensibly devastating and of obvious mechanical necessity
Life: both abundant and finite
Nurture and neglect. The fertile and the baron. Endless consumers and Eco-savvy contributors… The list goes on.

We Are Part Of Natures System

The fact is, we are PART of nature’s system. Part of nature’s grander intelligence. At the behest of ‘her’ eonic plans.

What we claim ourself to be doesn’t change the truth at a larger level, it simply colours local subjective experience.

Unfortunately, claiming ourself to be divorced from, separate to or outside of nature gives rise to delusional experiences, self judgement and unnecessary suffering. And these are  not states in which wholesome decisions are made or in which higher objectives are easily reached.

Better that we remember that The Human is not outside of Nature, join with a wider truth and experience reconnection. For every man-volcano that flattens large swathes of forest and arbitrarily kills animals en masse, there are trillions of lichen spores ready to begin the process of renewal and the enrichment of that land.

Just To Be Crystal Clear…

Just to be crystal clear, I’m not suggesting for a moment that we become passive in the face of our impulses to change our behaviour and environmental conduct – rather I am encouraging those *with* that impulse to become even more wholesome and aligned as they go passionately about acting on it.

In the end, Nature will have its way, and we, right now are part of that.


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