Which Of These Qualities Would You Most Like To Experience More Fully?

Thanks for clicking through and taking the time to respond to this poll – it all goes into the pot of co-creation!

Feel free to add any comments below and share any additional thoughts or questions… all the more for that pot! :0)


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  1. What a fún poll! Realising that I ám experiencing all these and at the same time more is allways welcome! I’ll allow Love, Abundance, Joy (because I had to pick 3) more and more and more in new, old, surprising, whatever ways :)!

  2. You are truly grasping the ‘non-personal’ perspective Marie-Jose and indeed all are here 😉
    To date, Purpose has come out on top & kindness on the bottom, which has been a surprise to me.
    I’m going with the story that people are already experiencing a lot of kindness in their lives – which is a wonderful thing 😉
    Thanks for commenting ♥

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