The Birthplace Of NPA

The Birthplace of NPAAs this post get’s published it’s NPA’s 7th birthday!

It seems like ages ago that it popped out of me in Costa’s in Abingdon. It tickles me that Divine births can happen in the most ordinary places.

There I was in my own little vortex of guided communication while around me; kids were squashing the remains of muffins into hot chocolate soaked saucers; an amazing carer calmed the colourful tourette’s syndrome shouts of her ward; a suited salesman wheeled and dealed on his phone and mid-life girl friends supported each others judgements about the this and the that of their lives…

And in amongst all that, six little lines that would rock my world (and countless others) just popped out. Lot’s of people have told me they were inspired by the story of ‘how NPA was born’ so I thought I would share it here amongst the Musings of NPA & Life. If you share this post you can watch a video of me sharing the story, and help spread the word about NPA… otherwise – simply enjoy the read:

The Birth Of NPA

“I’ve been working in the field of human consciousness and personal growth for approaching 20 years. Back in 2007 I’d had the privilege of working with many amazing people and yet…

On 29th January 2007, I was sat in a Costa coffee shop in Abingdon, Oxfordshire where I lived and quite literally a prayer was ‘born’ through me and it went like this:

“OK God,” Grace, whatever you want to call that, “Is there something specifically that wants to come through me, in service to the world… and if there is, please let me know?”

I’m very clear about this. If the answer was no, then that would have been really fine. I’d have happily just carried on teaching what I was teaching.

However, literally a week later (on February 5th) I was in the same coffee shop, journaling on my computer when the six simple lines that I now call the NPA Process literally popped out of me! They came with that tingley-wingley sensation – which is sort of a signal to me. It was like, “This is the answer to your prayer. There will be seminars and books.”

You Have To Be Kidding Me

My response was, “You have to be kidding me. That’s just too simple, too easy!” But I’ve discovered that the simplicity of NPA is its genius in as much as it means it can be used in so many different ways and yet it’s really, really powerful.

For quite a long time I kept it very, very close to myself. I wanted to discover for myself, through direct experience, what this ‘Non-Persoanl Awareness’ was? And it quickly busted many of my illusions – the things that I’d learned and taught for all those years were really challenged by this little NPA thing.

It wasn’t until 2008, in November, that I first taught it publicly and not until 2009 February when I first taught it in an official way and since then it’s just exploded. It’s in countries all over the world and that’s down to the fact that it’s so simple and it just works.”


This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young)

This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young)I wanted to give you access to this really heartening and connected call on death and life that was one of our regular ‘General’ NPA Community calls.

As you may or may not know, members of The NPA Community have access to two free calls a month – a general call for questions and connection, and a themed call where folks pair up and share NPA Processes on a theme. It all happens on our teleseminar system which makes it possible to do the pair work privately and still be part of the group.

It’s pretty obvious what happens on the Themed Call, but people often wonder what happens on the General Call..? I always say it’s an open invitation to connect, ask questions and just see what happens in the energy.

So I thought I would share one with you and this one is a great example of how the group can flow and serve each other on our General calls. I always start with welcomes and introductions and get a sense of where everyone is at, then the energy takes the lead and we follow…

This Call…

This call took place on 11/11/2013 and on it, regular attendee, Bernadette Reed shares how her mother had recently passed. This lead on to a surprising group NPA process which begins a string of connections, shares and more group NPA.

The call takes you on a journey from the experience of death at a close personal level, to the mass death experienced through the Philippines Typhoon. There are opportunities for you to join in the processes, hear some non-personal perspectives from me and join the moment where we all feel that the ultimate secret to life gets revealed 🙂

Whether you have experienced the passing of a loved one, or just curious about what happens on our calls, I’m sure this heart warming call will bring something of value into your life.

Just Press Play…

Just press play to listen.

This Call on Death Reveals The Ultimate Secret To Life (An NPA Community Call with Joel Young) â–¶ custom player

© Joel Young / NPA Central 2013

If you’re interested in finding out how you can become an NPA Community Member, you can check out our qualifying products HERE

I recommend giving yourself the time to sink into the recording and ‘join the energy’. However if you’re willing to share this post then you’ll unlock a contents time map that will allow you to navigate accurately to the sections that interest you most or you’d like to review. It will also reveal a second player that will give you the option to download the file and listen at your leisure :0)





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The Tri-Fold Message At The Heart of NPA

TriFoldMessage300When I talk of The Birth of NPA, it is in reference to how the NPA Process ‘popped’ out of me in 2007.

Birth is a consequence of conception – and that conception happened in 2006, when I ‘disappeared’ in a cave in India. The Birth of the NPA Process, turned out to be the beginning of an unfolding.

The unfolding of what I have come to call ‘The Tri-Fold Message’

Here’s the 3 aspects of that message laid out for you:


NPA: The Tri-Fold Message

1. It’s not personal
We are energetic and connected. Nothing, ultimately, is personal.

2. Multiple Perspectives
There are multiple perspectives happening at once. This transcends the dualistic paradoxes and invites a new relational way. Solid separateness thinking has created unsustainable living and relating models. The multiple perspectives model enables togetherness in wholeness.

3. WE thinking, not ME thinking
It’s time to operate in more collaborative, open ways. To realise that we are in this together, and together we’re stronger.


There is a natural progression with NPA. It starts with the process, which energetically introduces and embeds a living consciousness that is awake to the non-personal, energetic nature of reality.

Beyond that, the ‘relational space’ becomes more tangible and there is an urge to understand how to operate more wholesomely within it. Non-Personal Awareness has given rise to new relational models that help meet this urge, and provide a means of navigating togetherness in wholeness.

As the solid and separate habit falls away, and Genuine Being in community becomes available, the personal benefit and immense power of WE thinking becomes obvious.

The ways we offer you to engage with NPA reflect this natural progression.



Step 1: The NPA Process

The fundamentals of the process are available for free on this website. And more detailed instruction is only an email away. I also share the process and the message in my presentations at conferences, tele-summits and on radio appearances.

Practicing the process is key to aligning you with, and embedding the new consciousness. You can get started right away with the free stuff available on this website, and I recommend you go further…

In depth understanding of The Process, it’s use and application are available with a little more investment of time, and some money.

The Bridge is an audio programme you can download that does this job comprehensively. It also introduces you to the multiple perspectives model. The first day of The NPA Expansive Weekend also covers this in a very practical way.

Step 2: A New Relational Way

At The NPA Expansive Weekend we cover the mechanics of moving into an energetic, connected and fundamentally relational reality. You discover how multiple perspectives becomes a new model for wholesome relating. You learn ways to transition from conflict to harmony and move into the magic and potency of co-creative NPA.

Step 3: The Path of Genuine Being

Living wholeness becomes available when you are able to freely allow the multiple facets of your Being to play and express themselves through you unconditionally, and according Divine timing.

Practicing and stepping more fully into the ‘non-personal energy’ makes this process near-automatic. Our advanced events and products really help you do this.

Through your practice, you begin LIVING in an environment of authentic wholeness, you develop multiple perspective fluency within yourself and with others.

My intention is to help you master GENUINE BEING, to go beyond Awakening and to fully engage the Spirit of The Evolutionary Imperative as it is experienced through you.


“As the solid and separate habit falls away, and Genuine Being in community becomes available, the personal benefit and immense power of WE thinking becomes obvious”

Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA