Are You An Intensively Farmed Spiritual Chicken?

Are You An Intensively Farmed Spiritual Chicken?OK. So that might seem like an odd question to ask you, but here’s the thing:

Forcing your personal growth or Spiritual evolution is like pumping chickens full of growth hormones…

If you don’t believe in pumping chickens full of growth hormones or farming vegetables through artificial growth processes, and yet find yourself cracking the whip on yourself in the name of healing, personal growth or spiritual progress then I invite you to take a gentle look at the energetic environment you’re hanging out in.

Disregard For Natural Order

It’s the same consciousness that engages that behaviour in both situations. It comes from the belief that pushing hard and forcing things beyond their natural pace pays dividends. And perhaps also the fear that NOT pushing means no growth at all.

In both cases it can seem to achieve what you want in the short term and yet, the unkindness and disregard for natural order inevitably makes it unsustainable. At some point a backlash needs to happen. To put that another way… Nature asserts itself eventually.

Plus, chances are, the road of Force is a hard and fun-less journey for all involved!

Let Yourself Be

Let yourself be, and you’ll begin to connect to the natural rhythm of life, which offers smooth steady evolution AND exciting effortless growth spurts, all in joyful harmony.

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Have a Natural Day – Joel x


Joel Young

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  1. The ‘allowing’ and ‘being’ are things that speak to my inner truth and often are lived easily. Then again at times I go into ‘efforting’ and ‘don’t I have to dó more?’ mode again. Allowing myself to learn and live more and more that there is no ‘right or wrong’ in this, that I am all that I am and that I am beautiful. Started out as a young child feeling the untruth in the catholic mantra ‘my guilt, my guilt…”, thinking ‘what the heck is thát about’ to now my inner knowing ánd conscious choice that unconditional love for all that I am is what I live and want to embody, more and more and more. Is that learning, yes of course, is it allowing, even more so, is it ‘getting better’, no, just different like the acorn and the tree :). Which is the road I choose to travel in my profession as wel, how could it be anything different. 🙂
    Much love, Marie-José

  2. 27 years ago I was in group that supposed to therapeutic and also assisting personal growth for all members. For over two year it was somehow ok . but then the group started to split and I was very dependent of what our two teachers told teacher put me totally down tellling I was a total shithole and unable to love and that I was my last change..then without spleeing for a week I jumped from balcony of third floor. today I am a mother of a two teenager son and living with a loving husband .I have a disability, a spinalcord injury, cousing me pains.Still This is not personal IAm sort of an actor of my film and love is my director. Much love Kaarina

  3. Hi Kaarina. Thanks so much for your share, and sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. I’m sure somewhere in that teacher was a positive intent and that’s just the kind of behaviour that promted this blog post. When you move into force (even with good intentions) it still has the tendancy to cause pain. I am so delighted to hear how you have transcended the experience and come to find love at the core, for THAT will be the rich legacy your sons move forward with. Namaste, Jx

  4. Amen to that Marie-Jose! And it’s great to go easy on yourself as the efforting comes and goes – it’s no biggy when you’re aware and can allow yourself to fall back into allowing :0) x

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