Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly Matters

Want Wealth? Get Connected To What Truly MattersIf you want to be and feel wealthy, start getting really honest with yourself about what truly matters.


Matter. It’s a word that speaks to the formation of the Universe. Quantum forces pulling energy waves into states of tension that give rise to apparent solidity. Energy in tension. I’m sure the phonic simile isn’t lost on you…

This is how your personal reality comes into being and what truly matters becomes more apparent in your field of experience. If you want to know what truly matters, look around your life and notice what there’s already an abundance of…

This is not about positive and negative – discovering what truly matters requires a neutrality of mind, an ability to simply notice.

This sober inquiry will help you land where you are and clear the hallucinogenic fog of positive or negative biased thinking. It has the potential to drop you into truly aligned clarity with an awareness of the intrinsic abundance of your existence.


The point of this sober alignment, is it gets you CONNECTED to what MATTERS – positive or negative as it may seem right now. It’s the difference between having your fingers on the stuff of life and the ability to move it, as distinct from just running your fingers through empty space. Basically, when you’re connected to what matters, you begin to have a much greater impact when intentions arise.

So, does your story of wealth match the reality of your wealth?

If your story of wealth is that it’s all about large amounts of money, and you have very little, then the fact is that money doesn’t truly matter to you. Once you notice what there IS a wealth of, and therefore what matters to you, you’ll automatically begin to feel the power and flow of your innately creative and abundant self – even if it’s subtle, and even if what matters seems a bit rubbish at first.


NPA offers a very simple way to notice those points of connection and in NPA we call them ‘Cookie Cutters’. I often say that I have developed highly sensitive Cookie Cutter ears. In other words I’ve got extremely good at noticing where people are connected to what matters to them. So each process begins with being connected to what truly matters. It’s one of the reasons an NPA session with me and The NPA Process can be so impactful, even if there’s just a few processes in the time we have together.

If you want to manifest the stuff you say you want – if you want to ‘materialise‘ it – then at some point you’ll need to connect to (and start moving in) the stream of matter as it relates to you now.

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  1. Thank you Joel – a wonderful reminder that money too matters. I struggle to ‘get’ this – as a consequence I have all the other things that matter; special relationships, a beautiful home by the sea, great clients but very little money so I’m constantly juggling. Allowing money in, making it matter would make my life so much easier and enable me to help even more people. So… I’m working on it!

  2. I’m confused. Are you talking about wealth as a connection to/with abundance or to/with monetary wealth? Both ‘matter’ for more or less everyone yet, as you clearly state, the lack of the later might show us that we don’t value it as much as other aspects of our lives. How so? Given that the vast majority of people live such monetised lives, how come materialising monetary wealth is so darn difficult? Thanks for a thought/comment-provoking read.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jennie. Remember to lead with, and stay connected to what truly matters now, as that’s the touch-point of the experience and feeling that you’re looking for anyway… and as a growth oriented being, expanding that to include money is all part of the fun 😉 x

  4. Hi Sara, thanks for your great questions. I thought I’d pop and comment back to let you know that I wrote a great long response yesterday, but realised it was a blog post in itself. Your questions and my response also inspired me to an exciting new project. I’ll make the post live soon, and come back and put a link here. Thanks again for the inspiration 😉 Jx

  5. Thanks for getting back to me Joel. Looking forward to your blog post on the ‘matter’ 🙂 Sx

  6. Hey Sara – that blog post has finally gone live!
    You can read it here: Does Money Matter?
    Thanks again for the inspiration via your comment

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